Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Belle Amie

August 10, 2002-November 26, 2014
 Beautiful Baby
Light in my darkest hours
Joyous heart who could bring a smile through tears
A million magical moments
Over an inconceivably short twelve years
And desperately I search for words
To sum up and share all you've done for me
But a thousand can't paint the portrait
Of my beloved belle amie.
Beautiful Mama
Zoe, you are a life that has given me infinitely more than I could ever give you.
Every precious moment is locked in my heart and memory
And I can only let you go so the Lord can hold you
Until I can wrap you in my arms again in Him.
Beautiful friend, rest in love and peace with the family that has gone before you
Until we can be in the presence of your sweet heart once more.
We love you and miss you, baby girl, and no thank you is enough to express
how grateful we are to have known you.
Beautiful Friend

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Awesome Indies Relaunch: Gorgeous New Site, Gargantuan Sale, Great Giveaway

Awesome Indies is launching a brand new and beautiful website this weekend with a gigantic book sale and a Kindle giveaway. 70 books by some of the best indie authors, all for under $3, and the chance to win a Kindle.
To celebrate, the Kindle edition of On the Soul of a Vampire is only $0.99 and its prequel, Pro Luce Habere Combined Edition (two full-length novels combined into one) is on sale for $1.99, alongside numerous other exciting works at awesome prices in a huge variety of genres.
Check out the all new site, find a new favorite author, enjoy the Halloween weekend with a wonderful book for a great deal - plus enter for a chance to win a free Kindle. Just click on the relaunch icon to visit!