Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Editions and On the Soul of a Vampire on Sale

This month I am releasing new paperback editions of my gothic, speculative fiction novels  On the Soul of a Vampire  and  Pro Luce Habere Volume 1  to celebrate the paperback release of  Pro Luce Habere Volume 2.  All three novels have new interior formatting and artwork, as well as updated covers, and will be available at new, lower prices.  Aiding in the celebration, Amazon is presently offering the new edition of  On the Soul of Vampire on sale for only $8.92, which is a five dollar savings from the regular price.  Just click on the book cover link to Amazon below where you can take a peek inside the book.

The answer is neither in blood nor in life; the key to the mystery resides in the human soul.

For some it takes a lifetime to discover their raison d'etre.  Imagine searching for eight centuries.  In 1997 Philadelphia, an 800 year old vampire comes face to face with his reason to be when he discovers a young mortal woman who knows everything about him and whose understanding of immortality is about to change all he's known as truth.  Obsessed with the mystery of her knowledge, he embarks on a journey with her that leads them to his childhood home in the Provençal Alps, as well as into the strange and frightening past that shaped him.  A novel of faltering faith and neverending hope, On the Soul of a Vampire will not only alter everything you think you know about vampires, it will change the way you see your very soul.
The new edition paperbacks of  Pro Luce Habere Volume 1  and  Volume 2  will be available within the next two weeks.



  1. I love the new look of the books! Looks great Krisi!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. How is spring shaping up there? It's a bit behind schedule here. That's what we get for listening to groundhogs, I guess. :-)

    2. Ha well I shall be honost...we had some snow today! So no spring yet I'm afraid.

    3. I'm seeing forecasts for spring-like weather arriving here in the next few days, Kim. I'm send warm weather wishes your way too.