Saturday, March 14, 2015

Still My Inspiration

With my dad's ongoing and worsening illness, my own poor health, recent deaths in the family, and the loss of several of my longtime and beloved friends over the past year and a half, I haven't been feeling very communicative or creative of late. (And I apologize to all I've been a bad friend to because of it.) Then, looking at some wonderful Rottie photos and artwork on Pinterest today had me missing quite terribly again my canine kids who were called home. As it turned out though, in the rekindled grief, love inspired. So, although I can't do any kind of justice to their inner or outer beauty, I expect I'll be sharing more memorial portraits of honor. It truly did help to work on one - the first new painting I've done in months - and it's one small way to let them know that they're still - and always - my inspiration. Not to mention proof, once again, that they're a gift that never stops giving us more than we could ever give them.

Love you, sweet boy.

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