Monday, May 15, 2017

Pup Parent Affection and Indecision

Giving the raspberry at 23 weeks

At attention at 24 weeks

As a huge fan of art and photography of all sorts and so an equally big fan of Pinterest, I've been adding a photo or two to my Boxador (Boxer/Lab mix) board each week of our newest family member, Luka, as he grows, to share with those other pinners who have a similar board and/or might simply like to pin pup pictures of any kind. On a number of occasions, however, Pinterest seemed to be having some sort of technical difficulty with photos uploaded from a personal computer; whereas pics pinned from a blog or other website work fine. So, I decided to do a blog post to celebrate Luka's six month milestone this past Saturday (weighing in at 54 lbs., for those who'd like to know) so I could pin a picture or two from here. Unfortunately, as an enamored dog mom, I couldn't pick a favorite picture (or two) and so am subjecting any followers to a few more. For those not interested in puppy growth pictures, I apologize, and for those who love any dog picture at all, enjoy!

 The (canine) male model poses, sitting and standing, at 24 weeks

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