Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Idle Daily Reflections of a "Deeply" Weary Spec Fiction Author

Warning:  Readers who don’t find anything remotely humorous in the accompanying cartoon or who are, God forbid, offended by it, will most likely not appreciate the daily reflection below.

Today’s Reflection:  Being that hot outshines good, loving, kind, attentive, patient, respectful and a host of other quality descriptors as the gold standard for appealing “romantic” heroes or heroines in a lot of popular fiction these days, and that the hotness of a story seemingly takes precedence over silly, unimportant things like substance, inspiration and artistry, is it unreasonable to find some dark humor in speculating that much of the modern world’s obsession with the heat factor both in entertainment and in life and its elevation of such to the highest good might be a case of be careful what you wish for?  I mean, it could be that what a person seeks most on earth is exactly what he or she will be rewarded with as an eternal state of being.  Perhaps not literally, but if God appreciates irony… and some might suggest He’s the author of it.

Thought inspired by daily exposure to the words “hot” and “hotness” in 19 out of 20 book blurbs and/or reviews of popular fiction novels, romance or otherwise.

Disclaimer:  Although said post is entitled Idle Daily Reflections, it’s doubtful that, despite having many of them – some idle, some not – I’ll make such thoughts a regular blog feature since, right after writing that isn’t hot enough, contemplation-worthy utterances tend to be viewed as simply sour grapes whining these days.  Still, ignore the serious question behind this (somewhat) facetious soapbox moment at your own risk.  And have a hot (I mean, good) day.

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