Friday, August 17, 2012

The Red Bridge Murder Now on Amazon Kindle

For those who enjoy 19th century fiction, French literature, police procedural suspense or are fans of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, you might be interested in The Red Bridge Murder, my English translation of Charles Barbara's L'Assassinat du Pont-Rouge.  This novella, thought by some to have possibly influenced Dostoyevsky to write Crime and Punishment, is darkly fascinating in its own right.  Considered to be one of the very first police procedurals, it's the story of musician Max Destroy's growing obsession with the strange mystery surrounding his friend, Clement, a man devoid of faith who, despite having gone from utter destitution to wealth, seems persecuted by inner demons.

The Red Bridge Murder/L'Assassinat du Pont-Rouge is available on Amazon Kindle as a dual language book that includes both the original French story and the English translation, as well as notes on the text.  To purchase or to read a sample, just click on the book cover link above.

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